Our brands

Capital Index operates in various jurisdictions and it is your choice to select the entity that meets your individual requirements most. 

The following table shows our offices and available client protection. Please note that contracting with one of our non-European entities will result in a loss of certain protections, including leverage caps and negative balance protection. 

Our Brands

Capital IndexForexCFDs*Capital Index Global
Contracting entityCapital Index (UK) LimitedSirius Financial Markets Pty LtdCapital Index (Global) Limited
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*ForexCFDs is a trading name of Sirius Financial Markets Pty Ltd (ABN # 36 142 189 384), which is regulated by ASIC and licensed to carry on a financial services business in Australia under Australian Financial Services License No. 439907.

Authorisation and Protection 

Capital IndexForexCFDsCapital Index Global
Authorised byFCAASICSCB
Client Money ProtectionSegregated client moneySegregated client moneySegregated client money
Can you lose more than your depositNo, you have negative balance protectionNoNo
Deposit compensation schemeFSCS (£85,000)No compensation schemeNo compensation scheme

Available Leverage

Capital IndexForexCFDsCapital Index Global
Maximum leverage available30:130:1200:1
How much margin you pay to trade 1 lot EURUSD3,333.33 EUR3,333.33 EUR500 EUR